Marapova Music Artist Management

Marapova Music Artist Management

 Becoming a music artist is great, but developing a great music career can get cumbersome. From recording to packaging, distribution, shows, fan management, sales, promotions, online presence, etc. We understand how stressful and frustrating things can get. Who said been an indie artist (Independent Artist) has to be an excruciating experience? Why not let us help?

Marapova Music Artist Management Services packages, will help you with your career journey. We help you focus on developing your craft while we build a career for you. Our services cover a wide range of every artist needs. We get you to where you should be, providing you with proper representation always.

Our artist management services are affordable no matter the category you fall into. Trust us when we say this is the best decision you will ever make for your music career. We have industry experience and lots of tools to give you desired result. We never compromise on quality service delivery, so be rest assured to get full value for your money.

Service benefits

Proper Artist representation


Digital distribution

Sales management

Promotions (Offline and Online)



Fan base growth

Online presence



Lots more

Why wait any longer when you can become the star you always wanted?

Will you like Marapova Music to manage you as an artist? Check out our Artists Management packages below;

Basic Management 

Our Basic Artist Management Program


- 1 year artist coaching 

- 1 year music release and distribution 

- 1 year artist booking

- 1 A/R Services

- 1 year PR Services 

(with Terms & Conditions)

Registration Price Is N30,000

For The Other Packages, send us an email or message Paul Akuj (CEO/Founder) on WhatsApp +2347052462640 Only

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